Monday, November 1, 2010

Candy Overload

Hope everyone had a fun & safe Halloween. This time of year we are bombarded with enough candy to frighten even the most ambitious dentists and doctors. It would be nice to just get it out of my house, but how can I convince my family to do this?

Luckily I was a very picky child when it came to candy. I only really liked chocolate, and even then, there were only a few chocolate treats I would bother with. The rest all got donated to my dad or sat there until my mom finally got sick of looking at it. When given the option, I'd almost always choose a savory treat over a sweet one. I have never had a cavity and I am terrible at remembering to floss.

This year you may have a wealth of candy you maybe shouldn't feed to your family or yourself. I'm not saying to deny yourself of ALL of it, I am snacking on a teeny horribly created Heath Bar as I type this. You could bring the candy to the office, or give it to the kids next door, or bring it to someone else who you are guessing might appreciate it... however, I just learned about a terrific program that kids might agree to. A candy buy-back where dentists pay your child $1 per pound for their candy, and then send the treats over to the troops.

I'm not really advocating undermining the health of our troops, but I am hoping they can afford the extra sugar- as many of them are in tip-top shape and hard workers.

Want to learn more and participate in this program? Click here to visit the homepage and learn more about the Halloween Candy buy-back. Enter your zip code and do a search using the top right corner of their website to find which dentists near you are participating.